Seafood in jelly

"Meridian" expands the classic and beloved product line fish jelly and presents the new product -  seafood in jelly. A generous portion of seafood in a compact package - the best product for healthy snack.

Products in jelly has already established itself as a nutritious and healthy, for many years the popularity of the category is still growing and it is absolutely justified.

The product is absolutely natural, jelly is prepared by a unique recipe that has been carefully developed by technologist of "Meridian" and strictly enforces for already more than 10 years to keep the taste "known since childhood".

Delicate jelly is transparent, elastic, with a light and a natural taste of seafood.

The company "Meridian" is a recognized leader in the category of fish in jelly, now a wide range of categories added by three new positions:

• Cocktail of seafood in jelly with olives and lemon;

• steamed mussels and squid in jelly with herbs;

• squid cooked in jelly with capers and lemon.



Seafood in jelly

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