NEW: squid tentacles of "Meridian"

"Meridian" presents new product in the line of seafood - squid tentacles in brine or oil. Tender squid in natural fills serve a delicious addition to any meal or as self-starters. With tentacles salads, you can diversify the menu and cook original Mediterranean meal.

Tentacles of squid are rich in protein and low in calories, which makes the product not only delicious, but also beneficial to health. A convenient packaging allows you to enjoy the taste of seafood at home and at work.

For the production of the "Meridian" uses tentacles of wild squid catch in the Far East, guaranteeing 100% ecological materials.

New product line is represented by four positions in two types of fillings:

·         Tentacles of squid in oil, 180 g

·         Tentacles of squid in oil, 430 g

·         Tentacles of squid in brine, 180 g

·         Tentacles of squid in brine, 430


NEW: squid tentacles of "Meridian"

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