«Meridian» on top of Aconcagua!

«Meridian» conquered a new peak - Mount Aconcagua! Chairman of the Board of Meridian's Directors - Viktor Malakhov, climbed to a height of 6,962 meters above sea level!

Aconcagua is the highest point in South America, also the top occupies the first places in several height ratings: it is the highest mountain in the whole American continent, the highest point of the Western Hemisphere, the highest mountain of the Southern Hemisphere. Aconcagua is located near the Pacific Ocean, which greatly affects the weather conditions in this region. The top is «famous» for hurricane winds and rapidly changing weather, which, in combination with the elevation difference, makes the climbing significantly more difficult. And no matter how difficult the route is, to visit the top of the longest mountain range in the world is an unforgettable adventure.

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