«Meridian «Snow Crab» awarded with Russian Quality Mark

Roskoschestvo experts studied the market of crab sticks and meat and checked samples presented in stores for quality and safety. According to the results of laboratory tests, chilled crab sticks and crab meat «Snow Crab» «Meridian» are recognized as high-quality products that meet the mandatory requirements of the legislation and the advanced standard of Roskachestvo.

Experts confirmed that surimi is the main component of the product, and the amount of starch in the «Snow Crab» meets the established standards. There are no preservatives and synthetic dyes in the composition, as well as extraneous inclusions (soybeans and corn). Microbiological indicators also meet the requirements.

Now there is a trademark «Checked by Roskachestvo» on the packages of crab meat and crab sticks «Snow crab «Meridian» and it means that the quality of this product can be trusted! Very soon «Snow Crab «Meridian» will appear on the shelves of stores in the new package.

Thanks to consumers and experts for appreciating our product!

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