Scandi Sill - herring with Scandinavian taste

«Meridian» presents the new product «Scandi Sill» - tasty herring pieces in Scandinavian souse.

It's well known that Scandinavians are great fish lovers and really good in salting and marinating fish. Traditional Scandinavian taste is the mix of salt, sugar, cinnamon and other aromatic spices - this recipe we reflected in the line of herring «Scandi Sill».

«Scandi Sill» has tree bright tastes:

  • pieces of herring with white sauce and dill
  • pieces of herring in oil with onions
  • pieces of herring in mustard sauce

«Scandi Sill» is a bright new product that offers a new look at herring and expands your culinary possibilities. Pieces of Atlantic herring in a rich sauce are the perfect base for a real Scandinavian smorrebrod. Just put «Scandi Sill» on bread add the other ingredients above so it looks like tower and original smorrebrod is ready.

Specially for this line, was developed a bright and laconic design with Scandinavian mood. The simplicity of lines and shapes shifts the emphasis on taste - multifaceted and rich. Everything, like the Scandinavians.

Enjoy your meal!

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