New: Juicy Crab Sticks!

«Meridian» presents the new product - crab sticks «Juicy», a delicious alternative to familiar sandwiches and a source of new culinary ideas. Crab sticks are rich in protein, so it’s nutritious snack when there is no time for cooking, or you need to replenish the supply of strength after a sports training. Due to its harmonious taste and elastic consistency, «Juicy» sticks are perfect for preparing a variety of rolls. The increased size and special technology of rolling up make it easy to expand the stick, add your favorite filling and roll back into a neat roll. At a family holiday, such a dish certainly won’t be unnoticed.

«Juicy» crab sticks are based on high-quality surimi, which is prepared exclusively from white ocean fish fillets. It contains only natural ingredients and has no preservatives.

Enjoy bright new recipes and try to make your snack regular and healthy.

Bon Appetit!

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