Herring by «Mathieu» technology

«Meridian» presents a new line of herring prepared using «Mathieu» technology - a unique recipe for salting, due to which the fish acquires a special taste.

«Mathieu» herring is very popular recipe in Netherlands: young and fatty herring is fermented during the pickling, which makes the taste of fish especially tender. The bay leaf is traditional seasoning for this recipe, its delicate aroma brings its own special note.

The product line is represented in three tastes of different formats:

  • Mathieu herring filet pieces in oil, 350 g and 480 g
  • Mathieu herring filet pieces in oil with bay leaf, 350 g and 480 g
  • Mathieu herring fillet in oil, 480 g

An authentic «Mathieu» recipe suppose marinating the whole fish, but cutting the herring is a rather painstaking process, so pickled fillets became more convenient in the category of ready-to-eat products without losing a good taste.

This line of new products from «Meridian» has a bright and bold design to attract the attention of fish lovers. Combinations of bright color in the style of watercolor stains will help to differentiate products within the line.

Enjoy your meal!

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