Milegrin - a new trademark of premium seafood

«Meridian» presents «Milegrin», a premium line of ready-to-eat chilled seafood product for true gourmets. Selected mussels and squids are prepared by a special recipe that saves the delicate natural taste of seafood. Noble spices make the taste especially bright and refined.

«Milegrin» has three spectacular products:

  • Selected mussels in oil with Provencal herbs, 415 g
    Basil, thyme and rosemary give the mussels a unique flavor of the sunny south of France. The best choice for your Provence style dinner.
  • Selected mussels in oil with chili pepper, 415 g
    The bright fiery taste of mussels with chili peppers will be loved by fans of spicy food. Large, selected mussels with a rich aroma - an exclusive product that has no analogues in the seafood market.
  • Tentacles and squid straws in brine, 415 g
    Squid lovers no longer have to make difficult choice which product to choose - tentacles or straws - there is both in the «Milegrin» jar. Low-calories squid is rich in protein and will make every dish very nutritious. The tentacles will be an excellent decoration of salads, snacks or hot dishes, adding exotic to your meal.

The «Milegrin» trademark has its own special design: stylish black combined with silver and an appetizing highlighted product slide emphasize the special status of the brand - the best seafood for true gourmets.

Bon Appetit!

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