New ECO - tuna riets!

Tuna meat is very tender and juicy, and the high content of nutrients and microelements brought to it worldwide popularity and gourmet love.

The collection of your favorite riets “Meridian-ECO” fulfilled with three new tastes:

Tuna riet - juicy tuna meat mixed with cream, fragrant black pepper and salt - a classic taste.

Tuna riet with green onions and wasabi - specially for Asian cuisine lovers. Good mix of soy sauce and spicy wasabi makes taste spicy.

Tuna riet with olives and pickled cucumbers - a bright taste with a light sourness of crispy pickled cucumbers and taste of green olives.

Like other products of premium ECO line, riets are distinguished by its natural composition, with no use of preservatives, dyes, taste enhancers. Long shelf life - 4 months - achieved by pasteurization, while all the useful properties of fish are stored. A special valve cover guarantees impermeability and safety of the product before opening.

Tuna contains a lot of protein, so riet is an excellent snack and the right breakfast. Try the classic serve - on a crispy fried baguette. For greater benefits, combine riet with grain bread and fresh herbs.

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