Noble drinks and trout

Meridian presents delicious and unique line of lightly salted and smoked trout marinated with vodka, cognac and aperitifs adding spices and mix of herbs that give the fish a unique taste!

Product line contains:

  • Lightly salted trout with vodka and dill
  • Lightly salted trout with vodka and ginger
  • Smoky trout with cognac and lemon pepper
  • Smoky trout with aperitif and orange peel

Gravadlax - is unique Scandinavian technology of salting fish. Fish fillets are sprinkled with coarse salt and herbs with the addition of vodka. Then fish is aged for several days, acquiring a characteristic lightly salty and spicy taste.

So the idea was born to create an exquisite collection of delicious fish in a marinade of spices and noble drinks. Each product has its own unique taste:

  • Trout with dill and vodka: the classic recipe for gravadlax from Norway gives us the natural taste of trout with a light aroma of greens
  • Trout with cognac and lemon pepper: the piquant sharpness of black pepper is complemented by a fragrant bouquet of aged French cognac and lemon - an ideal combination for true connoisseurs of a noble taste
  • Trout with ginger and vodka: traditionally in Japan, the freshness of fish is emphasized by spicy, pepper-citrus ginger, and strong alcohol gives it a special intense aroma
  • Trout with an aperitif and orange peel: the aroma of trout smoked on natural alder wood chips emphasizes the noble bitterness of the world's most famous Italian aperitif and sweet orange peel. È proprio squisita! - exceptionally tasty! - so say the Italians.

Specially for this line of gourmet fish was developed a bright, juicy and stylish packaging design. The background of black slate with bright splashes of orange peel or spicy pepper differentiates the tastes, and also reflects the concept of a premium and noble product.

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