New: «Pizza, Pasta and Salad» in 5 minutes!

«Meridian» presents a novelty - cubes of light-salted trout for pizza, pasta and salad. Cook your favorite dishes without wasting time cutting and slicing fish!

Trout «Pizza, pasta and salad» is a convenient solution: fish fillet already diced, so you just mix it with salad or add to hot dishes and your dinner is ready in 5 min. No need to get your hands dirty, pull out bones and worry about perfect slicing – «Meridian» already took care of it and nothing will delay you on your path to culinary masterpieces.

SKIN technology carefully preserves the freshness of fish and prevents damage of pieces, the «easy-peel» corner helps to open package without any effort. The lightweight and concise design reflects the easy of cooking and variety of tasty dishes.

Bon Appetit!

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