Scandi Sill - new Scandinavian taste herring

"Meridian" has expanded the Scandi Sill line and presents new bright products: herring in tomato sauce and herring in white sauce with horseradish.

Scandi Sill is a herring in a delicious sauce, made according to a traditional recipe from Scandinavia. The fish is cut into neat even pieces dressed with a thick, rich sauce with a mix of salt, sugar, cinnamon, and other aromatic spices.

  • Scandi Sill herring in tomato sauce: herring in a deep natural spicy tomato sauce with bright notes of pepper and spices
  • Scandi Sill herring in white sauce with horseradish: an interesting combination of salted herring with a thick and spicy creamy sauce with the addition of mix of traditional horseradish and horseradish "wasabi"

Scandi Sill is a striking product that offers a new perspective on herring eating and expands your culinary possibilities. A distinctive feature of this line is a special recipe for fish salting and new unconventional sauces that will give you a truly vivid taste experience. Cutting into small pieces allows you to make gourmet sandwiches or use them more traditionally - eat fish with a side dish. The main thing is that the thick sauce will not remain at the bottom of the jar, but will become just as important an ingredient in your dish as the delicious Atlantic herring.

Traditionally for Scandi Sill, all the products of the line are produced in pretty glass jars with a bright and laconic design in the Scandinavian style. Glass jar of an optimal volume allows one to eat at a time to try new tastes every day - there are already five bright positions in the line!

Bon Appetit!

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