«Fuji crab» - at the top of the taste!

A new product from the Meridian company - Fuji crab sticks with a high surimi content. Made from high-quality minced surimi in the best traditions of Japanese cuisine. The product is rich in protein and free of preservatives, therefore it is suitable for a healthy and satisfying snack.

Surimi is a minced fish made only from white fish fillets. The fillet is crushed and washed many times, leaving a virtually purified fish protein that mimics the taste, texture, and color of crab, lobster, and other crustacean meat.

Surimi is of Japanese origin. Many products are based on this ingredient and are very popular in Japan. The percentage of surimi content is the main indicator of the quality of the final product. Fuji crab contains a high content of surimi, due to which the sticks have a juicy, delicate, rich taste. By changing the recipe, we managed to preserve all the advantages of «Snow Crab», but also to make them taste even closer to the meat of the natural crab.

The packaging design for the new sticks is also Japanese-style, highlighting the origin of the product. The twisted bamboo leaf symbolizes Mount Fujiyama - the main symbol of Japan, and the crab stick at the top of the leaf is a metaphor for the top and the perfect balance of flavor. The harmonious composition communicates naturalness, the delicacy of taste, freshness, and high quality of the product. The name of the product is written in the style of Japanese calligraphy while being easy to read and eye-catching.

The Japanese are famous for their love to bring everything to perfection, so Fuji crab is a product for true gourmets and true connoisseurs of fish and seafood. A well-balanced taste will form the basis for your favorite dishes and serve as inspiration for new culinary discoveries.

Bon Appetit!

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