«Marine assorted» - a combination of your favorite seafood

«Meridian» presents a novelty in the seafood category - «Marine assorted» in oil and brine. This convenient jar combines the most popular ingredients of the cocktail: Chilean mussels, Russian Far East tentacles, and Commander squid straws.

The line contains positions:

  • Marine assorted in oil 250 and 390 grams
  • Marine assorted in brine 250 and 390 grams

The composition of «Marine assorted» is ideally matched: seafood with a bright taste and exotic appearance. Create masterpieces of Mediterranean cuisine using assorted dishes in salads, appetizers, or as a ground for hot dishes, pizza, pasta.

Like the mainline of seafood, the novelty is available in a convenient rectangular plastic jar with a textured coating, which allows you to avoid slipping out of your hands.

Choose the right amount and enjoy your favorite seafood.

Bon Appetit!

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