Meridian Company was founded as a national fish and seafood product manufacturer for Russia central district in 1978. More than 80 000m of warehouse space, production facilities and ancillary buildings had been built in following five years. The country’s leading universities were involved in development of project — they ensured the implementation of the most advanced technological schemes.

In 1984 we’ve got the first finished goods. Baltic sprat, fried and smoked whitefish, various fish oils and, o course, spicy salted herring appeared in the stores.

In 2003 controlling block of shares was bought by investment trust company Soyuzprom, which invested money in modern equipment , program of production quality assurance, professional skills improvement of staff and marketing.

Today Meridian Company continues to please customer with various fish and delicacy seafood products. From the moments of its inception too much has changed in our lives, but the company’s principles remain the same — in our production we use only the best fish and seafood.

In the February of 2011 Meridian Company is the major player in its industry and a modern company , introduces a new corporate identity and a modern brand. The results of rebranding are not only the change of visual style and the company position, but Meridian creates transparent relations with its partners and customers, optimize production and improve technology preserving traditions and experience. One of the main values of the new brand — healthy food for wealthy living. The developer of the new Meridian Company style is the studio of Direct Design Visual Branding. Variety of assortment, various tastes and thorough production quality control are reflected in bright colors and harmonious modern design solution of enhanced brand of Meridian.