«Meridian» Company’s production occupies two floors of the main building and divided into six major production units.

Preserves workshop occupies more than 1,000 square meters, where is placed two production lines, defrosting workshop, temporary cell maturation and storage. It is here where the famous Meridian’s herring and especially popular seafood are being produced.

Prepared food workshop — is the second largest in the company. There are three fully automated production lines of crab sticks and the famous «Snow Crab».

Gourmet workshop — is the pride of the company. Hot and cold smoked hunchback salmon, whitefish, sprat, halibut and oily fish, smoked and dried sticks, light-salted salmon, trout, all this splendor is produced right here, in the delicacy workshop. It should be noted that the technology on the «Meridian» provides only natural traditional alder sawdust smoking. Alder sawdust gives so appetizing golden color of our fish, and the characteristic «smoky» taste can reminiscent home smoked delicious!

Culinary workshop — is the heart of the «Meridian». After all, with the production of ready-to-serve food began our story. Fried stock fish and whitefish, fish in aspic, a variety of seaweed & fish oils salads recipes, all of these are made at our factory.

Butcher’s workshop — is a large room, in which fish and seafood begin their culinary way. In the workshop comes frozen and chilled fish, there are lines for processing. The skilled professionals are equipped with special tables, scrapers, knives, graters and special fish scaler, equipped on the tables.

Seafood Workshop — works with the unique gifts of the ocean. In this workshop implements variety gourmet with shrimp, mussels, squid, crayfish production, and of course with all your favorite young octopuses production, which can please even the most refined gourmets.